1. When do I use it?

Morning and night! Apply a small amount in the morning, but go a little heavier at night before bed.

2. If my skin looks greasy am I doing something wrong?

Yes, your skin should not look greasy that means you’re using too much. Since this moisturizer is highly concentrated only a little bit is needed. Apply a small amount to clean damp skin and rub it in well, making sure to be gentle around the delicate eye area. Wait a few minutes to let it soak in. It will leave your skin hydrated and radiant with a dewy, youthful complexion.

3. How/Where do I store it?

A great place is in a bedroom drawer since it’s dark, cool and dry. I keep mine in the lower bathroom cabinet but beware if your bathroom is always warm and moist that will cause it to expire quicker. I use mine within a few months so it’s never in the bathroom for long.

4. Does it expire?

It does. Start using it as soon as you receive it and finish it up within 4-6 months.

5. Is this something for my entire body?

You can absolutely use it on your entire body. I use it when I get a massage and my skin is so happy after! Who wouldn’t want anti-aging for their whole body??

6. How long does it take to ship to me if it’s made fresh?

Hopefully within a week. If it’ll take longer we’ll let you know.

7. What’s the difference between Radianté and black label?

The main difference is the amount of frankincense. The Black Label has 4x the amount of frankincense which makes it a stronger anti-ager than Radianté. Men also love the spicey scent of The Black Label so out of the two that’s the best one for them.

8. What are the ingredients?

See our ingredients page

9. Do you offer bulk orders?

Yes! Pura Bonta is perfect for salons, spas, boutiques and, well, any other store you think our product would do well in. Please reach out to us directly by email for enquires at: info@purabonta.com

10. Do you ship international?

While we love our international customers, due to the unique nature of Pura Bonta we are unable to process orders outside the United States at this time.

11. How much does it weigh?

It comes in a 4oz glass jar and the contents weight approx 2.5oz.

12. How can I contact you?


13. Can I become a reseller?

So, you’re a pretty big fan, huh? At this time we’re a growing little business. Please email us for your unique situation and we can discuss: info@purabonta.com

14. How does Pura Bonta rate on EWG’s (Environmental Working Group – Skin Deep) website?

Each one of Pura Bonta’s ingredients receives the best possible rating on the Environmental Working Group website: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

If you are unfamiliar with Skin Deep their “staff scientists compare the ingredients on personal care product labels and websites to information in nearly 60 toxicity and regulatory databases.” Since “companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient they wish… (EWG’s) aim is to fill in where industry and government leave off.”