My Story

Having grown up in a health conscious family I was taught at a young age that quality matters and have stuck to that motto for most of my life. When it comes to skin care, I realized I didn’t like what was on the market. This awakened my passion to formulate something new, something better, something I’d feel comfortable and unashamed to share with my closest friends even though, initially, it started out as a product just for me.

While making dinner at a friend’s house I was explaining my process of making Pura Bonta and she blurted out in a serious yet playful manner, “you are the purist purist I know!!”. (So later on, when I would need to come up with a name for my product I knew I wanted ‘pure’ to be part of it to reflect who I was and what I stood for). Both she and I would make things and test them on each other so when she tried Pura Bonta she was convinced I had to make it available to the public. Her business mind filled in the gap where I lacked knowing anything about logos and marketing. I knew I just wanted to create but had to face the fact that what good would that be if no one benefitted from it? So I was thrown into a world that overwhelmed me and had to make a conscious decision not to run but to face all the scary unfamiliar things that came my way.

With that new mindset I stayed up late one night full of excitement to complete the new tasks of naming my product and analyzing logos on Pinterest for inspiration so I could relay my desires to my graphic designer (who just so happened to have designed the Cheetos logo). I was specific, and he delivered so I was overjoyed with the result. I was beginning to realize how fun this process was.

Thank God for my friends who helped connect me to the people I needed for this business to move forward or else Pura Bonta – which means Pure Goodness – would not be a reality. There are many more details of the the journey, but that can be saved for another time. I’ll stop here and finish by saying what delights me: your personal testimonies. When I hear about and SEE the results on the faces of my clients of the way Pura Bonta has improved their skin I am filled to overflowing with joy.